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To be a TDR Bride is something Every Bride deserves.

You deserve the best possible service, you deserve to be cared for, nurtured and guided. Let’s face it girls this is not the kind of shopping that we do every day, it’s a totally unique shopping experience and something completely new. Its very exciting, it can be a bit overwhelming, and, if you don’t have a great stylist, it can be exhausting. You deserve an expert, someone who can guide you through styles, someone who recognises your body shape, someone who understands your insecurities, someone who really knows Bridal, who is really devoted to helping you, who genuinely cares.

TDR Stylists are not on commission, this shows. They are not in this for the hard sell, they are in this because they want to empower women to be and feel the very best they can; they’re in this to give a woman body confidence, they’re in this because they don’t believe a bride should have to shop at a plus size only bridal shop; they’re in this because they genuinely love what they do; they’re in this to share their knowledge; they’re in this because this is what they love, so being A TDR Bride is not just about buying a wedding dress’ its so much more than that.
There is no them and us when you’re A TDR Bride, its us, all together as one. You will get access to our unique, private Facebook group which we have had for over 4 years now. Direct access to all the TDR Stylists all the time, direct access to Rebecca the founder and owner of TDR, her private mobile number, her private email – direct access, transparency, honesty and integrity; And this is why TDR is trusted, because the ethos has and always will remain the same, we care, we love, we encourage, we nurture, every single step of the way from Miss to Mrs, we are with you every singe step of the way,

An absolutely stunning boutique, beautiful ladies & an experience I will never forget….

I am very happy to give feedback.
You can use the parts you want as it may read quite long, I don’t want to leave any detail out on telling you how in love with TDR I am!

I had never shopped for wedding dresses before, a complete novice, so I took a logical approach.
I made appointments with 3 local boutiques, TDR being one of them.

I went to all the appointments with my 9 yr old daughter & in the other 2 shops she wasn’t interested, didn’t like the shop, the dresses or the people, none if them made her feel part of it & that spoke volumes. However from the moment we stepped foot inside TDR she was in love, she whispered to me ‘This is the fanciest shop I’ve ever been in!’ & her face lit up.
This was partly due to the beautiful boutique, partly the dresses, but more so the people.

We saw Chloe on our first visit & Chloe was all she spoke about for the rest of the night. Chloe made her feel part of the whole experience, which is exactly why she came with me to appointments, me & my Daughter, we’re in it together.

And as for me, I fell in love with the whole experience, every part of being in your boutique made me smile & feel special.
Then trying on the dresses took it to a whole new level! I could have stayed there forever!

Following the first visit to short list our favourites, me & Niamh (my Daughter) came back with my Mom, who was equally enthralled with TDR & in her opinion, as well as mine & Niamh’s, took all other shops out the running. It was decided, TDR was my wedding dress boutique. My third appointment brought me back with Niamh & my MOH.
This was ‘the decider appointment’ & we were so fortunate to have Della this time, who was so wonderful & thorough in attention to detail.

Niamh, my Mom, Chloe (without officially giving her opinion, she did remain impartial ), Della, my MOH & me all had the same opinion on ‘The dress’, it was completely unanimous & ordered there & then.

I couldn’t have wished for a better team of ladies & in every way, from quick & efficient e-mail responses, to answering silly questions, to appointments & making every guest feel like they are the only person in the room.

An absolutely stunning boutique, beautiful ladies & an experience I will never forget.
Absolutely love TDR & I know my wedding party & my dress are in the best hands with you.
Can’t wait to come back when my dress arrives!
Thank you, thank you, thank you xxx.

Tracie Parkes xxx
October 2020

You are in Safe Hands…

Your shop is truly magical…

Where do I start?
Your shop is truly magical. It is faultless and beautiful and so are all of your girls. Academically I’m good with words but I have struggled to explain how amazing TDR is to everyone I’ve told about it. Simply because it’s just so wonderful. After visiting 5 shops and having negative experiences your shop completely changed me. Putting the fact that I found my dream dress to the side for a moment I’d like to thank Julie especially along with all your amazing girls there for making me feel beautiful again. After trying dress after dress and being treated negatively in a lot of different boutiques my confidence was zero to none. I’m usually a bubbly confident girl but felt so so nervous coming into your boutique after everything that had happened, I felt deflated.

This changed as soon as I walked through the doors of TDR. Myself, mother in law and my mom were greeted by your beautiful Julie. Her whole persona just made me feel at ease straight away. She then told me she was my bridal consultant which to me was amazing as I loved her as soon as I walked in and could tell we were going to get on straight away. She sat me down, listened to everything I had to say and was so patient with me. We had such a laugh I felt like we had been friends for years, not strangers that had met just 5 minutes ago. My mother and mother in law were sat down and given a bottle of fizz…. which they loved ! Julie then showed me round the whole shop – which let me just say, was unbelievable. I chose 6 dresses and she chose me some too. I instantly loved all the dresses I tried, but Julie chose me a dress totally out of my comfort zone, i can’t thank her enough as it turned out to be my dream dress.

When standing in all the dresses every single one of your girls took a moment to stop, take a look and compliment me. To some this would be minor but for me it made me feel on top of the world and to be quite frank it’s one of the best days I’ve ever had. Julie helped me with all the dresses, making sure I was pinned properly to see how it would fit and even the other girls came to help get me into dresses which was just so kind of them. I felt like I had full attention and it was just an amazing experience. Julie knew what I was thinking before I even had to say it. She really is one in a million and has made such a huge part of my wedding experience truly amazing and memorable for all the right reasons.

You should be so proud of the amazing boutique you have created and the team you have. It’s absolutely outstanding and to be quite frank I would recommended it to absolutely anyone. The way the world has been this year has been awful but you guys at TDR really display what coming back bigger and better is all about. Despite the whole situation your boutique was safe and professional as well as making every single girl in there feel amazing and have that amazing experience. I couldn’t wish for a better boutique to have chosen to take on my wedding journey with me and I’m excited to see you all again soon.

Thanks once again
Love from Lucy x
September 2020

Where the Magic Happens!

There’s a vibe at TDR Bridal Birmingham that is simply indescribable. It’s a buzz, a happy place, a place of celebration, a place of love and understanding.
TDR Bridal Shop Birmingham
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