We’re a Purple Tuesday Participant

Purple Tuesday is a programme created and co-ordinated by Purple, a disability organisation that encourages businesses to make changes and to improve the customer experience for disabled people.

It takes place every November but is celebrated all year round.

We recognise the need for change and the need for us as a business to be more inclusive. We believe that every bride should have the opportunity to have a wonderful experience when buying their wedding dress regardless of ability, race, gender or sexuality.

Here at TDR Bridal Birmingham we have pledged to improve our customer experience for disabled people.

In the last two years we have:

Installed a downstairs disabled bathroom

Added ramps to our entrances for easier access

Increased the size of our changing rooms to accommodate wheelchair access

Given extra Support & Training for our staff

Extended appointment times for people with disabilities

We won’t stop there…

We won’t stop here though because we want to be able to celebrate with everyone, inclusively. We really felt we needed to address the less obvious disabilities too, such as autism, dementia, hearing or sight.

That’s is why our pledge for 2021 is for at least two members of our Team to learn sign language so that we can Say Yes To The Dress and celebrate with our deaf brides too.

We would love to hear any suggestions you may have on how we can be more inclusive.

Please write in with any comments or feedback you may have

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There’s a vibe at TDR Bridal Birmingham that is simply indescribable. It’s a buzz, a happy place, a place of celebration, a place of love and understanding.
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Our Bride always say they feel, safe, confident and secure when they become A TDR Bride! There really is nothing like it! We truly are there every step of the way on your journey from Miss to Mrs. Take a look at what our brides say about us.
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